A: The Aquareactor will work in virtually any conventional motor vehicle. If your car or truck
has an internal combustion engine that burns gasoline, LPG or diesel fuel, the Aquareactor
will work -- new or old, any make or model. And, it doesn’t matter if you if you have an older
carburetor-based fuel system or a newer fuel-injection system, the Aquareactor will work.
Really! Aquareactor is
Electrolysis of water.
The reason why the Aquareactor will work in any vehicle with an internal combustion engine
is because it channels the hydrogen fuel mix through the existing air intake system on the
engine, via the standard air intake hose or air cleaner. So, there are no modifications to the
current engine required. You just plug the Aquareactor into the existing air intake system
and you're all set to go.
Some folks have even installed the Aquareactor on boats and yachts. Why not, as long as
they have gas or diesel internal combustion engines?
Frequently Asked and Questions
Q: Will it work in my vehicle?
A: How the Oxy Hydrogen works is actually pretty ingenious. The unit sends an electric
charge through a liquid electrolyte comprised of water and KOH which causes the
hydrogen molecules to separate from the oxygen molecules in the water. It then captures
the hydrogen and channels it into the engine via the air intake system.
Our Aquareactor Unit only draws 4 - 15 Amps (no strain on the alternator), compared to 20
~ 30 Amps on all other units on the market. May they recommended PWM for reduce Amps.
One of the most exciting things about hydrogen is that it is virtually cost free since one can
extract hydrogen from distilled water (one quart of water contains 1640 quarts of hydrogen
and oxygen combined). You just have to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in the
water, and use both in your engine. With the Oxy Hydrogen all you do is add one half ounce
of KOH as an electrolyte , one half a pint of distilled water every 1000 Km and you're on
your way to great fuel savings.                                                                                             
Q: How exactly does the Aquareactor Work?

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