Frequently Asked and Questions

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1. Does it work with Diesel, Natural Gas or Ethanol E85 vehicles?
Yes it does work with Diesel, Natural Gas or Ethanol E85 vehicles

2. Does the hydrogen generator cause any short or long term harm to my engine?
No. the hydrogen generator does not cause any short or long term harm to your engine

3. If I have questions is there any tech support for my Aqua Reactor?
Tech support is provided for your Aqua Reactor.

4. Is there any kind of warranty that comes with my Aqua Reactor?
Yes, one year 100% warranty for parts and unit repair or replacement

5. In case of an accident will the Hydrogen Generator blow up?
Absolutely not, all you will have is h2o and electrolyte on the ground

6. Is this system safe for public use?
It wouldn't be out there for consumer use if it wasn’t

7. Can we use the Aqua Reactor on a power generator?
The Aqua Reactor can be used on any power generator

8. Can I use the Aqua Reactor on a Electric Hybrid car?
Sorry, don't bother, they don't play well with others technically

9. What is the products life?
To date we have units KM, KH series are 5 years and more.

10. How much fuel efficiency will I get?
Most users receive from 25 – 75% on occasion it has been higher

11. How do I maintain the Hydrogen System?
Top off tank as needed and a simple flush and refill appx every 10~15 hours driving.

12. Cold weather what do I do to guard against freezing?
Refer at the User's manual about electrolyte mix recipe for the winter.

13.How do I maintain as drain the Bubbler and Water separator?
When you key off than will be return remained water from the Bubbler and Water separator
to the HHO generator by automatically.