What is best Plate Material for HHO Generator ?
The material that endures longer is better. It is most important of the life time in generator.

1) Platinum would be the best to use, but the cost would be to great.  Aquareactor has supply the
Platinum coated plates  Edition by order.

We offer a complete product line that is comprised of High Surface coated plates on a pure titanium
substrate. This revolutionary plate design allows for a unit that is comprised of much fewer plates as needed
in a comparable stainless steel cell. These plates are unique in many ways. First off, they create zero
corrosion. No rust entering your engine, EVER! No dirty water means no constant maintenance or product
tear down. Less time monitoring the device, and more time saving money at the pumps! The coating offers a
surface area that is over 20x that of stainless steel. Less metal equates to a design that is smaller and
easier to install in the limited space available in current engine compartments. Our design requires refilling
far, far less than the majority of other system available.
Please see KM-series and KH-series

3) Stainless steel would be the next, and the most common, 316L is endures much longer than
304,Aquareactor use 316L stainless steel plates in standard. Please see
KW-series  and Health Effects of
Hexavalent Chromium

4) Graphite would work great and endures material for the HHO generator,  Aquareactor has supply
Graphite Edition.

Electroplating different from electrolysis in that the metal deposited from electrolysis plates out on the surface
of another metal. The electrolyte contains the plating metal in the form of dissolved ions and the anode
usually is made of the plating metal. The object to be plated is the cathode.  In this reason, will become a
brown colored water (electrolyte) and consuming plates.
316L, Titanium plates are >0.125mm/year corrosion speed at NaOH 20%, 100 degree in centigrade.
It will vary,  in Vehicle Condition & Maintenance, Voltage Variations and Electrolyte variations.

What electrode is best for HHO Generator ?
Plates:  Made of  MMO-Titanium, 316L stainless steel in general and Graphite plate. The plate Cells work very
good. The size of the plates, the thickness and distance between the plates is very important to make it most
efficient. Aquareactor has optimized cell of plates with MMO -Titanium supply to the customer.

Bolts: some very cheap designs use stainless steel bolts as electrodes. Not recommended.  Will get hot
quickly .

Wire:  A few designs are using thin wired electrodes. Low volume gas production and prone to corrosion

Tubes:  A good design are tubes. Depending on the specific size, material and setup this design works very
good. It will produce high quality HHO gas without the need for pulsed-power. The round tubes design are
being produced on large scale at the and of WW2 to power British army vehicles.
It got very hot and the gas production per watts was not good. The electrodes also got dirty and corrosion.

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