About Our Business and Introduction

The Aquareactor is Water (Hydrogen Hydrogen Oxygen, HHO, H2O)
gas  generator, manufactured in Korea, incorporates all the latest
safety features and is designed to last a lifetime... The Aquareactor  
was designed, developed, manufactured and quality assurance by
an experienced team of researchers in Intercom Inc., Eco Solution
Division in Seoul. We effort to find best solution from Geothermal
heat pump, Innovative Solar cell, Fuel Water, it will continuously
develop for save fuel & energy and save planet.
To reach a working compromise between gas produced and heat
generated, some sellers claim that their products are better than
someone else’s. What it boils down to is material and method.  Hot
Glass will break due to road vibration and plastic lids melt. PVC
becomes brittle below freezing and starts to soften at 140 degrees
F. For those reason, our hydrogen generator is made completely
from insulated for avoid leakage of current, fuel gas and electrolyte
by latest safety technologies with
leading technology in HHO. As we
use MMO coated on the pure Titanium plates in electrode for
producing fuel gas in reliable. All of the parts are newly designed
and produce for Aquareactor by our R&D team .  Of course, all things
are patented too.  When you install, Don’t need to change the
structure of the engine. Just add Aquareactor in your existing
vehicles and enjoy your driving. Hydrogen makes an excellent fuel
because it works well as an energy carrier. In fact, hydrogen is so
effective at carrying energy that it has been used to power the
rockets that are sent to space by NASA since the

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Generator. We offer increase your MPG with the Aquareactor.  Get your suitable alternative fuel generator with the
Aquareactor. You can drive with clean and save fuel from the Aquareactor today.
Water, Land & Sun is Human life !
Eco Solution for the Alternative Fuel.
It's here ! A way to spend less fuel on the vehicle.