Leading trend of HHO Generator's technology for best efficiency and reliable.

We offer a complete product line that is comprised of High Surface coated plates on a pure titanium
substrate. This revolutionary plate design allows for a unit that is comprised of much fewer plates as
needed in a comparable stainless steel cell. These plates are unique in many ways. First off, they create
zero corrosion. No rust entering your engine, EVER! No dirty water means no constant maintenance or
product tear down. Less time monitoring the device, and more time saving money at the pumps! The coating
offers a surface area that is over 20x that of stainless steel. Less metal equates to a design that is smaller
and easier to install in the limited space available in current engine compartments. Especially, Our No Hole
plate design requires refilling far, far less than the majority of other system available on the market and
protect ruin from hole and edge for long term life span.  Please see
KM-series and KH-series

* Blue letters are current trend and best.
* The gas produced from MMO-Titanium technology produces only Hydrogen and Oxygen. This is the purest
form of Oxyhydrogen available in any HHO cell design. With NO by-products such as Chromium, or iron
present, the amount of gas required to gain results is far less. Lower Oxyhydrogen levels means less
oxygen passing the o2 sensor. This is the main reason most cars will lose gas mileage using an hho
system. Most of generator using 316L Stainless steel plates than comes out Hexavalent Chromium.
Hexavalent chromium is a toxic form of the element chromium.
Please see
Health Effects of Hexavalent Chromium.
* Will be break out of Poly carbonate cover from 4~5 hours heavy driving.
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Type of Cell
Wet Cell
Dry Cell
Canister & Cover
Glass Jar, Stainless steel
PVC Pipe
Aluminium, PolyCarbonate,
Customized PC
Type of Electrode
Coil wire, Pipe, Plate
Electrode materials
SS304, SS316L,
Titanium, Graphite
SS316L, Titanium,
Plate design
With holes
With hole, Without hole
Changed water color
SS304, SS316L : Brown
Graphite: Black
SS316L : Brown
MMO-titanium : Clear
Life time span
SS304 < SS316L < Titanium < MMO-titanium
Make Gas
HHO or H2, O2
Wet Cell         >       Dry Cell
  KE,  KM, KH Series