All Services We Provide For Customer through  your dealer and distributer
1. Aqua Reactor - Hydroxy Course for knowledge update support.
2. Technical data and Installation manuals, Case study support.
3. All parts supply,  for maintenance, Easy fitting development services with improvements.

For More information of the products & Tech.

Aquareactor Warranty and Support Information  
The KW-10, 20, 30 are under 1 Year Warranty.  
The KM and KH -10, 20, 30 are under 5 Year Warranty.

Warranty information
Our warranty covers only the Generator does not include the cost of installation, or shipping costs..
If you have a problem with your Aquareactor, read the FAQ – Trouble-shooting Web page on this Website and
review the documentation that came with your unit to see if you can resolve the problem yourself, If you are
unable to find the answer you need in the printed documentation supplied with your product, you can contact
us directly.

Aquareactor Limited Warranty
Dear Customer,
You will find below the name and address of the Aquareactor entity responsible for the performance of the
Aquareactor Limited Warranty.
You may have additional statutory rights against the seller based on your purchase agreement.
Aquareactor Limited Warranty does not in any way affect those rights.

Intercom Inc. ECO Solutions Division
744-2 Sangdo1-Dong, Dongjak-Ku, Seoul, Korea 130-150
Tel: +82-2-822-0293 Fax: +82-2-814-2147

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