8. Aquareactor products may contain remanufactured parts, components, or materials equivalent to new in
9. Aquareactor 's Limited Warranty Statement is valid in any country where the covered product is distributed
by Aquareactor. Contracts for additional warranty services, such as on-site service, may be available from any
authorized Aquareactor service facility in countries where the product is distributed by Aquareactor or by an
authorized importer.
10. Aquareactor recommends that the customer retain the original packaging in which the Aquareactor
product was received. In the event a return of the product is required, use the original packaging to prevent
product damage during shipment.
11. The expense of return postage or shipping from a customer to Aquareactor shall be the responsibility of
the customer. If applicable, Aquareactor will pay postage or shipping costs to return a warranted replacement
or repaired unit to the customer. Repaired units will be returned to fulfill the remainder of the unit s original
warranty duration.
12. Aquareactor All models are built to operate using distilled water only. The use of electrolytes or
substances other than distilled water and Aquareactor approved electrolytic substances, is strictly prohibited
and will void this warranty. The only exception to this provision is the use of a 20 percent solution of
denatured alcohol mixed with water, to prevent Aquareactor  freeze-up during cold weather.

B. Product Installation
1. Aquareactor products must be properly installed in order to function as designed. It is recommended that a
certified vehicle mechanic perform installation. Every effort has been made to provide detailed installation
instructions. These directions are packed with each unit and must be followed conscientiously to avoid
installation errors that could cause a unit to malfunction. This warranty does not cover non-performance of
units improperly installed. The installer is responsible to the customer for his/her installation and for
correcting an improper installation.

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